1. introduction

Background research

The purpose of our research is to find out the best structure that can hold the most  amount of weight without failing/collapsing. This research will help us conclude which structure is best for holding weights and also help to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each individual structure and how to counter the problems faced with each structure. According to watertowers.com (n.d) the middle pillar design is one of the most commonly used structures in the world and it is stated that its stability is one of the best among other structures. Based on an experiment conducted by Simon et al. (n.d), she concluded that triangles and cylinders are the most useful shapes for constructing a building because they are able to distribute weight evenly and also much more sturdier than other shape. This is useful in our research as this serves as a clue on what shape/structure we should build.According to Chen et al (2009), it is stated that most of the steel structures used to make water towers are “criss cross” structures. This structure is in the shape of the letter “L” or “T”. It has also been tested that it was one of the most stable structures. According to 4coffshore.com (n.d) , it states that the tripod structure has good stability and overall stiffness, which can support up to several times its weight. It also says that the tripod structure is considered to be a relatively lightweight three-legged steel jacket compared to a standard lattice structure which makes us wants to include this structure in out testings.

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